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New SPEARMINT and CINNAMINT!  New High CBG Strain: Transparency is here!




We recommend FurBaby for pets under 50 pounds and Big FurBaby for larger pets for easier dosing. Big FurBaby is twice the strength so use half the dose in chart. Full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes containing FurBaby: 10 mg per mL of CBD + CBDa. Big FurBaby: 20 mg per mL of CBD + CBDa

  • Pet Dosing Guide

    Southern Apothecary Pet Dosing Guide

    Thank you for purchasing Furbaby formula!

    For Big FurBaby dosing use HALF of these recommended dosages. As pet owners ourselves the most important thing we want to ensure is the prolonged health and wellness of your pets. General dosing is 1-5 mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight every 8 hours or as needed. Depending on the individual animal, (breed, age, health conditions etc.) the dose may need to be adjusted to meet each animal’s individual needs. We recommend starting on the lower end of the dosing spectrum as some pets are more sensitive to the calming effects of our oil than others. Please administer the appropriate dose of oil (based on the chart below) either as is orally or with food. For chronic conditions such as arthritis, we recommend dosing every 8 hours in order to keep the active ingredients in the pet’s system and ensure the maximum therapeutic benefit; for acute anxiety and seizures please use as needed. Please refer to the chart below in order to determine an appropriate range for dosage of our product for your pet. If you have any thoughts, questions, concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at or my personal email


    Animal Weight

    Minimum Dosing Volume

    Maximum Dosing Volume

    10 pounds

    4 drops

    20 drops

    20 pounds

    8 drops

    40 drops

    30 pounds

    12 drops

    60 drops

    40 pounds

    16 drops

    80 drops

    50 pounds

    20 drops or ½ dropper

    100 drops

    60 pounds

    24 drops

    120 drops

    70 pounds

    28 drops

    140 drops

    80 pounds

    32 drops

    160 drops

    90 pounds

    36 drops

    180 drops

    100 pounds

    40 drops or 1 full dropper

    200 drops

    110 pounds

    44 drops

    220 drops

    120 pounds

    48 drops

    240 drops

    130 pounds

    52 drops

    260 drops

    140 pounds

    56 drops

    280 drops

    150 pounds

    60 drops or 1 ½ droppers

    300 drops

    >150 pounds

    1 ½ to 2 droppers

    320 drops

    Note: For animals weighing close to and over 100 pounds, please consider our 1100 mg unflavored high CBD formulas. All FurBaby products are human food grade with few terpenes to protect sensitive noses.

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